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saigon 1967
saigon cach day 40 nam


Nh hng Continental-đường Tự Do

Rạp Rex

Đường Nguyễn Huệ-trung tm Saigon

Dinh Độc Lập
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Life on the street

Driving in from New Port to Sai Gon, 1971.

And a few from the port of Sai Gon, 1971-72:

This one with the Newport Bridge in the background:

These looking down-river through and past all of the ships and boats working cargo across the river from Sai Gon:

That's it for my time in Sai Gon during the early 70s.
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thanks,those pics r really precious.
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rdw3rd, I can't wait to see more amazing pics! thx
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